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<_The Students Community_>

Thousands of women studying and graduates of computer science and engineering across the country are members of our community. Our goal is to help you find your first job and succeed in it as much as possible. Our Facebook group was founded to create a supportive, encouraging and promoting community for you. We believe that a community of female students, juniors and researchers enables everyone to learn from one another’s experience and be exposed to new ideas.

What do we do in the community?

A community with 5K women studying computer science and engineering and in junior R&D positions. A place to learn and develop professionally amongst community members and opportunities based on QueenB collaborations with leading hi-tech companies.

What will you get as a community member?
Exclusive projects in our community

The juniors' community

The community is led by our alumnus for women in junior development positions in the industry. We have meet-ups about various topics, for example career planning, writing a technological blog and personal branding. Our goal is to create a space for consultation with women that are at this unique point in their career while providing practical tools for the evolvement of their career.

Academy month

An entire month with lectures, meetings and a mentoring program for women interested in computer science and engineering academic studies. Throughout the month you’ll receive knowledge and contacts regarding scholarships, selecting an institution and a guide, how to combine studies with a personal life, and more.

Prep for employment events

Throughout the year we run a number of events across the country to prepare women for employment, together with our partner companies. During these events we run workshops in small groups for adjusting and upgrading CVs and a technological demo interviews workshop.

“The Project”

A three-month mini internship in a hi-tech company, during which the participants gain experience with technological tools and develop soft skills mini internship. All this while being accompanied by mentors from the company. In the previous projects we saw an almost 100% success rate of participants finding jobs during or immediately after the project.

“The Project”

A three-month mini internship in a hi-tech company, during which the participants will gain experience with technological tools and develop soft skills mini internship.


A personally guided program, adjusted to and focused on job searching.

Academy month

A comprehensive month that makes academic degrees in technological fields accessible

Prep for employment events

CV workshops, technological interviews and HR interviews


What does it mean to be part of the QueenB scholarship program?

If you’re looking for a scholarship with meaning, a scholarship that combines education and guidance, the kind that will also promote you professionally – you’ve found it! In our scholarship program, computer science and engineering students, in their second year and up, instruct educational-social meetings in the field of programming for teenage girls in high school and middle school.

What will you be doing?

As part of the scholarship you’ll teach girls in 8th-12th grade to program in small groups in a social environment. The groups meet once a week across the country, and learn how to program in the HTML, JS and CSS languages. The instructors help the girls develop a sense of self-efficacy, courage and interest in the field at a young age. Throughout the year you’ll work on a project that will be presented at our final event- the country’s largest hackathon for teen girls. This is an opportunity to work with girls, help them through a meaningful process, and at the end of the year hear them say “I am a programmer” with pride.

Why is our instructors scholarship good for you?

As part of our activity, the instructors also enjoy opportunities, guidance, and acquire experience that will help them enter the Israeli hi-tech industry.  Our scholarship works well with the academic schedule, and we take exam season into consideration.

We invest a lot in our instructors:


Hours required

3 scholarship hours

in a weekly meeting

NIS 6,000


Second year students and up

permitted to participate in the scholarship program

The program's graduates say

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