We’re QueenB.

An organization that works to create a future where women are equally active in the hi-tech industry, and lead in it. Join us in one of our centers of activity across the country, and learn how to program in a small group, in Hebrew or Arabic, and discover how programming can be a creative and fun tool that can be used for anything!

<_Our Story_>

Yasmin Dunsky, Noga Mann and another few friends, were sitting in computer science classes at Hebrew University and didn’t understand where all the girls were.

Even though it’s a fascinating, creative, challenging and rewarding field, the number of women who choose to study computer science and engineering is nowhere near the number of men who choose to.

We founded QueenB because we recognized that the path to falling in love with the field starts early on. We wanted to speak to girls and help them have a positive first experience with the technological world, before they need to choose a high school elective – with the ones who choose to study computer science in high school having a greater chance of continuing on the tech path in the future.

We chose 8th grade girls as our initial target audience, and we started Isrrael’s first girls only programming studies. From day one, the program was made up of lesson plans written specifically to address middle school girls’ interests, to speak their language, and to emphasize the creative, fun and exciting aspects of programming. We were inspired by youth groups and built a model based on social belonging and shared values, where the instructors are computer science and engineering students from universities and colleges, and serve as role models.

In the first year, 20 students from three high schools in Jerusalem participated. Today, more than 900 Jewish and Arab girls participate in QueenB’s activities and study in a program that runs all across the country. Our goal is that anywhere there are women studying computer science and engineering in college, girls will be learning how to program.

The instructors also grew to understand that working together helped them deal with the challenges they faced on their way to working in the hi-tech industry. This is how the QueenB academic student community was founded, and today it includes more than 5,000 computer science and engineering students and alumnus from across the country. The community collaborates with leading companies in the hi-tech industry, and provides its members with opportunities and support throughout their career path.

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